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Country: Indonesia
Title: Indonesia – Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Support Services (YESS) – November 2022
Description: Ramdan Nur'iman finds that very few Indonesian millennials are interested in agriculture. Therefore, he believes he has to step up.

Under the YESS project, Ramdan took part in an internship at Brahman Sejahtera Cooperative in Subang Regency, West Java province. Through the training he learned more about the cattle industry – and eventually became inspired to be further involved in the trade.

YESS aims to support the creation of 50,000 agricultural jobs and help around 34,000 youths in rural areas across Indonesia. Ramdan is one of the locals that has benefitted through months of training and internship.

The 24-year-old dreams of becoming a successful farmer -- "useful for others, myself and family".

Fourth out of six children, Ramdan wants to provide more jobs and recruit more people in the industry. He hopes to buy chickens, cows and sheep – one animal at a time – so he can grow his farm one day.

YESS aims to create opportunities for rural youths to build their livelihoods through rural entrepreneurship or employment. It seeks to develop a new generation of young farmers and agripreneurs while contributing to sustainable rural transformation through people-oriented investment.
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