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Country: Indonesia
Title: Indonesia – Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Support Services (YESS) – November 2022
Description: As his father gets older, Muchlisin has his heart set on continuing his father's work in the rice fields in Indonesia's most populous province of West Java.

The 19-year-old also has another, more pragmatic reason for choosing to be involved in agriculture: livelihood.

Muchlisin says that many young people in the Subang Regency area of West Java are only interested in earning a living by working for companies. He also adds that many of the women in his town work in garment factories. For fear of seeing his job applications rejected and at the prospect of being laid off someday, he has never tried this route and preferred to work in the agriculture business.

As Muchlisin is set to enter his third month of training in the paddy fields under the YESS project, he hopes to become an assistant in helping the farmers to develop rice seeds. He hopes to carry on and learn more with his fellow young farmers.

As one of IFAD's projects in Indonesia, YESS aims to create opportunities for rural youths to build their livelihoods through rural entrepreneurship or employment. It seeks to develop a new generation of young farmers and agripreneurs while contributing to sustainable rural transformation through people-oriented investment.
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