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Country: Indonesia
Title: Indonesia – The Development of Integrated Farming Systems in Upland Areas (UPLAND) – November 2022
Description: Armasih, has been able to benefit from UPLAND’s road construction project in Sukakerti village, Subang Regency, West Java province. The 70-year-old remembers she spent two hours walking just to reach another part of her village. Now, thankfully, it is a matter of a few minutes.

The village of Sukakerti experienced a landslide in 2016 triggered by flash floods. Due to the difficulty in accessing the area because of a lack of roads, five people died.

"Very helpful, praise be to Allah," Armasih says of the project. "For the first time, there were people who [came] here to help [us]."

"[I will] not forget [this] for life."

The aim of the Development of Integrated Farming Systems in Upland Areas (UPLAND) project is to reduce poverty and enhance food security in upland areas through remunerative, sustainable and resilient livelihoods. The target group of the project is smallholder men and women farmers, with a focus on youth.
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