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Country: Indonesia
Title: Indonesia – The Development of Integrated Farming Systems in Upland Areas (UPLAND) – November 2022
Description: Oom Nurjaman's grandparents and parents have been farmers in Subang Regency, West Java province. Like him, they grew mangosteen trees; the family has a 200-year-old tree.

Oom has two sons and a daughter and is the leader of almost 100 mangosteen farmers in Subang. While the UPLAND project takes care of 15 hectares of land, the total area reaches 65 hectares.

He says UPLAND has helped him and his fellow farmers with fertilisers and mangosteen seeds. Logistics support also means they can use cars and motorcycles to transport the produce – instead carrying them in sacks. The fruit quality at the delivery point has improved as a result of speedier delivery.

"My goal is to increase mangosteen productivity because Subang does not yet have the name 'Subang mangosteen'," he says, referring to how the local produce as not being as prominent elsewhere.

Climate change is one of the challenges to producing mangosteens in Subang.

Nurjaman says, however, only 30% of mangosteens are usually harvested in November and the coming months because of high rainfall. From December to March, 75 tons of mangosteen are yielded from a 15-hectare land.

Meanwhile, out of 65 hectares, more than 200 tons of mangosteen are produced. A large proportion of the fruits is exported to China and Europe.

Like many farmers, Nurjaman hopes there will be further improvements. "Going forward, I ask for support … for the continuation of this program," he says.

The aim of the Development of Integrated Farming Systems in Upland Areas (UPLAND) project is to reduce poverty and enhance food security in upland areas through remunerative, sustainable and resilient livelihoods. The target group of the project is smallholder men and women farmers, with a focus on youth.
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