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Country: Tajikistan
Title: Tajikistan - Community-based Agricultural Support Project (CASP) - May 2022
Description: Machinery

Abdulhak Dilshodov (left, 30 yo, married with 2 children) and Makhsum Avgonov (right, 41 yo, married with 6 children) were hired by the Nimich Village Organization to operate and maintain agricultural and construction machinery provided by the project.

During their first general meeting in March 2020, members of the Nimich Village Organization (VO) agreed on their top ten development priorities. Acquiring agricultural and construction machinery were at the top of their list.
Villagers used to lease agricultural machinery services from neighboring villages. But because they didn’t have timely access, they missed optimal planting and harvesting times and lost between 30 and 50 per cent of their crops each year.
“These are golden days for our community. We have the machinery we need to cultivate our crops, and our members are happy. We harvest our potatoes much more efficiently and with no waste.” Havojuddin Sadikov, Head of Village Organization
The VO charges its member 15 per cent less than they paid external providers. Farmers from neighboring village organizations also request services, creating a good income-generating activity for the VO. Meanwhile, the new front loader has been put to good use developing and maintaining village infrastructure, such as construction of a water reservoir and laying drinking water pipelines.

Road construction machinery has been used to repair roads inside the village and 1.5 kilometers of roads leading to pastures. During the winter of 2021, the machinery was used 7 times to clear heavy snowfall from the roads leading to the village school and to the main highway, and to repair washouts and clear debris from landslides. The Village Organization has employed three men, previously labour migrants, as machine operators; they no longer have to search for seasonal jobs away from their village and families.

The Community-based Agricultural Support Project (CASP) is building on the significant achievements of the earlier Livestock and Pasture Development Project to stimulate inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction in rural Tajikistan. Since 2018, the CASP has provided benefits to more than 51,000 households in 177 rural villages in Khatlon Oblast, Soghd and Republican Subordination Regions. Its activities are helping communities and smallholder (dehkan) farmers access productive infrastructure and services, leading to sustainable agricultural production, equitable income-generating opportunities and improved living standards.

The CASP works with Village Organizations (VOs) to develop community-driven action plans that define their own improvement initiatives. Village-level participation in decision making is critical to the success of these plans and helps establish a sense of community ownership and cohesion.

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