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Country: Tajikistan
Title: Tajikistan - Community-based Agricultural Support Project (CASP) - May 2022
Description: Zebuniso Haitova (left) and Shukuriya Gadoeva (right) are expert breadmakers in Nimich Village, preparing and decorating the dough for baking in the wood-fired tandoor oven.

Non is the traditional flatbread served at virtually every meal in Tajikistan. Gadoeva Shukuriya and the other women in Nimich Village start the day early to prepare the dough. They use flour made from wheat grown in their own fields and yoghurt produced from locally sourced cow’s milk. After kneading and carefully shaping the dough into round loaves on pillows especially made for making bread, they apply intricate designs before baking it in a wood-fired tandoor (clay) oven. The whole process, including adhering the heavy loaves to the hot oven walls is nothing less than art.

In rural villages all across Tajikistan, bread is not just a part of daily nutrition; it holds a fundamental place in the country’s cultural traditions. There is an old saying in Tajikistan: “If we don’t have bread, we don’t have food.”

With IFAD support, the Community-based Agriculture Support Project, just as the Livestock and Pasture Development Projects projects before it, is helping rural communities across Tajikistan achieve sustainable agricultural production and to build a more resilient future.
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