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Country: Tajikistan
Title: Tajikistan - Community-based Agricultural Support Project (CASP) - May 2022
Description: Most of the 483 households in Nimich Village engage in livestock breeding, crop production, grain growing, gardening and beekeeping. They also rely on remittances from labor migration. The village is in a mountainous area in the northern part of Rasht District in central Tajikistan. The villagers keep large herds of cattle, sheep and goats, as well as many poultry and more than 500 bee colonies. There are 1596 heads of cattle, 4990 small ruminants, 15 horses, 3000 poultry and 510 bee colonies in the village. The horticultural sector is developing from year to year and to date there are 34 ha of apple gardens and 17.6 ha of pear gardens in the village. Their agricultural lands consist of pastures, hay and potato fields and large apple and pear orchards and gardens. In addition to the large fields where potatoes are cultivated commercially, most villagers have a large home garden where they grow potatoes and other vegetables for their own household use.
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