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Country: Mauritania
Title: Mauritania - The Soil and Water Management Programme (PROGRES) - June 2022
Description: In Aleg more precisely in Ifeih Ould Messoud, agriculture is the main activity of the population living in the area, their fields are threatened by asphyxiation in rainwater, which is why they are exercising to reinforce the earthen dyke. . They have public works building machinery, these machines help them to backfill.
The dyke is used to hold the heavy rainwater that often destroys the land.
Topographically, the evacuation point is chosen according to the level to arrange the pipes in order to evacuate the surplus. A protection of 50 meters is made by riprap.
These rocks are more than 3 kilometers from the development site. The women of the village help the men in the work with the collection of small rocks.
After the end of the works, the population will be able to have larger areas and expect better yields at the harvest level.
Vulnerable farmers, women, youth, poor households, pastoralists and agro-pastoralists are the targets of the PROGRES program.

PROGRES aims at empowering the rural poor in their sustainable access to natural resources and community facilities.
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