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Country: Fiji
Title: Fiji - Pacific Islands Rural and Agriculture Stimulus Facility (PIRAS) - July 2022
Description: The rolling hills of the highlands near Marinitawa, Ba (Fiji).

COVID-19 emphasized the importance of Pacific agriculture for both food security and economic
development, as well as the crucial role of domestic food systems in providing resilience to
shocks, self-sufficiency and insurance against food and nutrition insecurity.
In Fiji, as in several other Pacific Island countries, the need to innovate and adapt domestic and
regional agrifood systems is increasingly acknowledged as a core recovery strategy. To contribute
to this, IFAD, through its Rural Poor Stimulus Facility, and the Australian Government have
teamed up to form the Pacific Islands Rural and Agriculture Stimulus Facility (PIRAS), a 3-year,
COVID-19 recovery programme that emphasizes food self-reliance, improved nutrition, and the
development sustainable, equitable agricultural livelihood opportunities for rural communities in
Fiji and five other Pacific Island countries.
As restrictions ease and borders reopen in Fiji, PIRAS is helping more than 3 200 farmers get back
on their feet and increase their income through crop diversification, high quality farming inputs,
improved agricultural practices, and expanded access to new markets.
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