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Country: Nepal
Title: Nepal - Adaptation for Smallholders in Hilly Areas Project (ASHA) – Recipes for Change (R4C) – September 2022
Description: Four years ago, Megh Nath Ale and Tham Kumari Ale adopted permaculture, a nature-based sustainable farming practice that improves resilience to climate change. Over the years he has rehabilitated a barren, degraded land into an oasis of biodiversity but says it was not easy at first. Megh Nath says:” It was really hard work at the beginning. But now it’s easier and I am reaping the benefits. I feel it is working and the soil quality has greatly improved.”

The family received financial support and technical guidance to transform their farm and create a permaculture farmer field school through the adaptation for small holders financed by IFAD.

British meteorologist and broadcaster, Clare Nasir, travelled to Nepal as part of the Recipes for Change series to see how farmers are using permaculture to adapt to the changing climate. “As a meteorologist and someone who works in climate change, seeing it first-hand brings it to another level, a very real level. These people here are living on the front line of climate change and it's nothing to do with them. Nepal as a nation doesn't emit the greenhouse gases most of countries do around the world, but yet climate change does not respect borders and they're seeing the effects here.”
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