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Country: Jordan
Title: Jordan - Rural Economic Growth and Employment Project (REGEP) – March 2023
Description: Awad Hassan Khalifa, 67 years, from Al- Mazza village in Al Mafraq city, he is the head of Al-Mazza Cooperative NGO and one of the beneficiaries of REGEP project through the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and The Farmer Field School (FFS) activities in his greenhouse where he grows thyme.

Through the (FFS) they train 17 beneficiaries on organic farming from planting to marketing.

Rural Economic Growth and Employment Project (REGEP) focus on rural areas of the Governorates of Ajloun, Jerash, Balqa, Madaba and Mafraq.
In line with the Government's Poverty Reduction Strategy 2013-2020, the project targets rural households below the poverty line, and vulnerable rural households above the poverty who are at high risk of falling into poverty.
The project's goal is the reduction of poverty, vulnerability and inequality in rural areas through the creation of productive employment and income-generating opportunities for the rural poor and vulnerable, especially youth and women.
while the project total cost is 39.17 million US$, IFAD is financing 24.54 million US$
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