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Country: Angola
Title: Angola - The Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture Project (AFAP) – March 2023
Description: Branca Felipe, is a 42-year- old, mother of two children (18 years old and 14 years old) who was born in Malanje and grew up in Uige. She worked as a merchant in the local market. In 2014, Branca joined the cooperative and today, she is the president of the cooperative's assembly and supports her colleagues with any necessary tasks.

Through the project Branca was able to better organize her finances, make improvements to her home, finance her children’s studies and dedicate herself to farming through cooperative. She says that a lot has been achieved: “We didn't know how to scale the fish, we learned how to prepare the dried fish properly, we did trainings that helped keep us grounded.” The work did not start here, it originated in another cooperative that became separated and was named ‘Kudi Kwate Kessa’, which means 'Let's Hold Each Other'.

The next objectives are to increase the tanks, build a warehouse, a cafeteria, an office and increase the fields for farming to provide more women and other families with work.

The aim of the Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture Project (AFAP) is to improve food security and nutrition among artisanal inland fishing and fish-farming households. Through the Binzole Cooperative (Vila Maltide/Quissole Community), a rural community located in Malanje Province, about 417 Kms north/west of Luanda, nearly 50 families are supported by the project with 48 ponds excavated and stocked, and provided with pond maintenance material and security kits. AFAP has had a positive impact on income generating activities for both smallholder inland fisheries and aquaculture.
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