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Country: Angola
Title: Angola - The Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture Project (AFAP) – March 2023
Description: Domingas Vieira Binzole, is the daughter of the President and founder of the cooperative. She is a 24-year-old mother of two girls aged 5 and 1 years. After finishing high school, she became a treasury assistant and takes part in selling the produce. She participates in the work on the farms and also in cleaning the tanks and feeding the fish.

Domingas’ biggest achievement through the cooperative was the acquisition of her own house. Adding: “It only has positive aspects, because during the project we learned many things that we didn't know and if we knew we didn't put it into practice. For example, here in the community, we didn't treat the water for drinking, we didn't have latrines... They taught us good practices for the community that improved our health, we also avoided burning due to global warming.” - She added that the community collected the product and took it to the market directly, and did not separate what was necessary for their own consumption and that they also learned about food and its benefits in class.

She appealed not to stop there, to continue the work for other communities in need of vital teachings like the ones they received.

The aim of the Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture Project (AFAP) is to improve food security and nutrition among artisanal inland fishing and fish-farming households. Through the Binzole Cooperative (Vila Maltide/Quissole Community), a rural community located in Malanje Province, about 417 Kms north/west of Luanda, nearly 50 families are supported by the project with 48 ponds excavated and stocked, and provided with pond maintenance material and security kits. AFAP has had a positive impact on income generating activities for both smallholder inland fisheries and aquaculture.
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