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©IFAD/Robert Grossman

Original Filename: 10172_F14s.jpg
Country: Azerbaijan
Title: Azerbaijan - Farm Privitization Project - July 1999
Description: Farmer Hashimov Faig displays melons on his farm in Gulaband village, east of Udjar city. He is a member of the water users association and has received credit to buy seeds and other farm inputs.
Keywords: holding, men, field, Food Crops, melon, NEN,
Size: 3.20 MB ; 1951 x 2961 pixels; 165 x 251 mm (print at 300 DPI); 516 x 783 mm (screen at 96 DPI);
Photographer: Robert Grossman
Copyright: ©IFAD/Robert Grossman
URL: www.ifad.org