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Country: Jordan
Title: Jordan - Small Ruminants Investment and Graduating Households in Transition Project (SIGHT) - March 2023
Description: Hashem AlKhaza'lah, 56 years Jordanian, M'ammareya village in Al Mafraq city
Hachim is one of the first beneficiaries of the project and is one of the pioneer herders to perform AI for his sheep and currently, he is planting 360 olive trees on his farm by establishing a rain-drainage system to store the water the rains to irrigate his land and his Sheep flock.

One of the workers with the sheep flock in Hashem’s farm

" I used to have 450 sheep but with low milk production. After exchanging some of them with better quality sheep from Al Khansarah station and reducing the number of my flock to 300 sheep, the milk production increased, I used to get from one sheep approximately 350 milligrams of milk, now I get up to 1 to 1.5 litres thanks to the program and the constant help of the SIGHT project, now even because of the quality of my sheep I have a lot of requests to export to other countries."

Small Ruminants Investment and Graduating Households in Transition Project (SIGHT) aim to reduce poverty and enhance national food security by improving the productivity of the small ruminant sector. It is also intended to assist Syrian refugees and host communities in graduating out of poverty through access to productive assets and the skills to invest in a sustainable source of livelihood that they could not afford otherwise.
The project has 2 components Investment in farmer services and Livelihood investments and access to financial services and implemented in 6 governorates in Jordan.
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