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Country: Jordan
Title: Jordan - Small Ruminants Investment and Graduating Households in Transition Project (SIGHT) - March 2023
Description: Fatma Ahmad Abderrahman, from Na'our area in Amman, she has 4 grandchildren, She owns and runs a dairy products business where she produces cheese and butter. She obtained a 5,000 JOD loan through SIGHT project to escalate her project by rehabilitating the project location and buying equipment to expand her project.

" After expanding the business, I now have my own customers and they are growing because they know the quality of my products and they will not find it easily anywhere else. My next step is to expand my business and open a shop to sell the products, this project empowered not only me but my children who help me in the business" Fatma says

Small Ruminants Investment and Graduating Households in Transition Project (SIGHT) aim to reduce poverty and enhance national food security by improving the productivity of the small ruminant sector. It is also intended to assist Syrian refugees and host communities in graduating out of poverty through access to productive assets and the skills to invest in a sustainable source of livelihood that they could not afford otherwise.
The project has 2 components Investment in farmer services and Livelihood investments and access to financial services and implemented in 6 governorates in Jordan.
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