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Country: Jordan
Title: Jordan - Small Ruminants Investment and Graduating Households in Transition Project (SIGHT) - March 2023
Description: Al Walla Station, in Madaba city in Jordan, Al Walla station is the hub to transfer the genetically improved semen of Shami bucks for the farmers of goats (both local and non-pure Shami goats) and the AI program will continue till the last year of the project field implementation

SIGHT conducted several rehabilitation activities and constructions to enhance the infrastructure of the station to cope-up with the requirements of establishing and functioning a breeding program for Shami goats. These include:
1. Purchase of 187 heads of Pure Shami goats from Cyprus
2. Rehabilitation of the flock barns.
3. Establishing summer sheds for the flock.
4. Establishing AI lab to start the AI program of Shami goats.
In addition to these works, several station staff members received special training needed to properly implement the project activities.
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