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Country: Brazil
Title: Brazil - IFAD President's visit to the field - July 2023
Description: Alvaro Lario met with Dona Telma da Silva, a goat breeder and currently a supplier of dairy products for lunch at local public schools, in Cabaceiras. Dona Telma's venture was only possible thanks to loans from two IFAD-supported projects, PROCASE and Dom Helder Câmara II, which, among other benefits, contributed to the genetic improvement of animals, forage diversification and technical assistance.
Dona Telma is well known not only for her work but also for her friendliness. Always smiling, she welcomed the visitors and showed them her small business which started with IFAD investments. She raises 30 goats and sells around 50 litres of milk daily to a cooperative that produces yogurt for local schools’ lunches. Every day she milks the goats singing typical North-eastern songs "to make the goats happy".
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