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Country: Uganda
Title: Uganda – The Project for Restoration of Livelihoods in the Northern Region (PRELNOR) – September 2023
Description: Fred Ouma, is a 43-year-old man who lives with his family of nine, including is wife Concy and his mother. In 2010, he was diagnosed with glaucoma and subsequently became blind.

Fred used to have beehives, but due to his blindness, he could no longer tend to them. He felt frustrated and hopeless, worried that his wife would leave him. He closed himself off to family and friends, to the point of wanting to end his life.

Through the project, Fred and his family received mentorship and training which helped him find a new meaning to his life. Fred and Concy formed a partnership and make decisions together.

Slowly, with the on-going support of the mentor and the project, the family was able to increase their income and pay for the children’s school fees, buy chickens and goats, buy a plough and irons sheets for their permanent house.

Furthermore, Fred supports other people in the community with disabilities and carries out trainings in bee keeping.

Through the mentoring received and the project support, Fred has been able to turn his life around and he is thankful for his strong wife.

Concy speaks with pride about the training she, too received and how she puts all her knowledge to use and how her home is one of the best in the area, thanks also to the improved hygienic conditions.

PRELNOR’s aim is to increase sustainable production, productivity and climate resilience of small-scale farmers while providing increased and profitable access to domestic and export markets. In addition, through household mentoring, rural households have improved their food security, household sanitation, asset accumulation, improved gender relations, increased production and improved incomes.
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