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Country: Uganda
Title: Uganda – National Oil Palm Project (NOPP) – September 2023
Description: Petronira Namugerwa is a 61-year-old, divorced mother of four children who lives with her five grandchildren in a house her father gave her. She is one of 24 people in her community living with HIV who are benefitting from the NOPP project.

Two of her children moved to Kampala to find work and send money home to help Petronira with expenses for their children, one is a fisherman and the fourth passed away.

Petronira used to have three pigs of the local breed which produced a maximum of five piglets. The training she received from the project, taught her about piggery management and the existence of the large white breed of pigs, which reproduce faster and up to eight piglets. The project helped her procure this new bread which she bought by borrowing money from the village savings.

Because she now has the large white breed, Petronira earns more and is able to pay school fees, general health welfare and pay back her loan. With the extra income, Petronira was also able to start a cassava plantation and the training she received taught her how to use the pigs’ manure to fertilise her banana plantation.

“Let them focus on what they are doing…that is the only way they can develop their business, that is how I’ve done it.” Is Petronira’s advice to others.

The main objective of NOPP is to support inclusive rural transformation through investments in the oil palm industry that improve rural livelihoods while safeguarding the environment. The project also supports people with alternative income generation.
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