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Country: Brazil
Title: Brazil - Rural Microenterprise Promotion Programme (FO4LA) - November 2023
Description: Elisa Avelino da Silva, 36 years old, inspects the closure of a pulp fruit package in the manufacture process of cashews pulp at the settlement Mulunguzinho, municipality of Mossoro, Rio Grande do Norte state, northeastern Brazil.

The community is organized into a group who produces fruit pulp in a factory that has received IFAD’s support thanks to the Farmers Organizations for Latin America project (FO4LA), who sells its products to restaurants, hospitals and schools.

The project has provided support to agricultural organizations, associations, cooperatives, and credit organizations to improve their management, institutional, technical, and governance capacities.

Helping them eliminate these limitations has allowed family farmers and their organizations to better interact with other actors in the agricultural sector, as well as participate in markets and generate employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for the young rural population and rural women. It has allowed them to participate in dialogue and negotiation processes on public policies that affect them, thus contributing to the construction of more equitable and sustainable food systems.

FO4LA has covered Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru, together with 15 agricultural organizations participating in value chains such as coffee, quinoa, cocoa and sugar cane, among others.
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