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Country: Brazil
Title: Brazil - Rural Microenterprise Promotion Programme (FO4LA) - November 2023
Description: Ivoneide Alves, 38 years old, married, mother of Leandro and Leonardo and now leader of the fruit pulp factory supported by the Farmers Organizations for Latin America project, implemented by IFAD.

Her father was a pioneer and arrived decades ago at the beginning of the settlement Mulunguzinho, in the municipality of Mossoro, Rio Grande do Norte state, northeastern Brazil.

There were no houses, no village or any structure. For this reason, her father decided not to take his family with him, whom lived in Mossoro. He thought it was important to study and said that his children would only go to the settlement only after school.

The difficulty has always been the lack of water. Ivoneide and her older brother were responsible for fetching water with the help of an animal from miles away.

Ivoneide arrived at the settlement as a child and remembers the time she participated in the youth group. After getting married, she shared moments with older women in the community in a collective garden project, where she learned how to plant, cultivate and observe the weather. She learned it was possible to work during the dry period, because they could not wait for the small period of rain and discovered plants that were more resilient to drought.

After becoming unemployed, she wondered what she could do to support her family. Neneide, Cooperxique Cooperative coordinator, which has been an ally for the FO4LA project, proposed her a partnership for working with fruit pulp.

Today, Ivoneide works in a fruit pulp processing unit and supports a group of women mediated by Cooperxique under the Xique Xique brand. The community managed to install automated equipment at the fruit pulp factory and the animal breeding program for slaughter, which directly benefited young people.

With IFAD support, young people can have opportunities in programs that are carried out in their own community. Ivoneide adds that through these projects supported by IFAD.

The love for fruits is a paternal inheritance for Ivoneide. “My father always planted fruit where we lived. Our family was poor and my father lived from agriculture and everything income was spent on food. His main memory with fruits was a mango tree in the backyard. Upon hearing the sound of a mango falling to the ground, the first among us to run and catch it had the right to eat it. Today, every fruit I see reminds me that a family is being fed or drinking juice from our pulp", she says.
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