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Country: Brazil
Title: Brazil - Rural Microenterprise Promotion Programme (FO4LA) - November 2023
Description: The pulp fruit factory in the Mulunguzinho settlement currently produces 12 flavors of fruits typical of the arid region.

Before the project, fruits used to fall spoiled on the ground. Most of the fruits produced were used by the community members and the leftovers were useful to feed the animals. Then, a female community leader had the idea of freezing the fruit and started selling the pulp fruit. Her idea worked and served as an example for other women who also started doing the same thing. Today the community is organized into a group who produces fruit pulp in an IFAD supported factory who sells its products to restaurants, hospitals and schools.

FO4LA is a project implemented for the first time in Latin America to increase income and to improve livelihood, food and nutrition security and safety of family farmers, who are affiliated to targeted Farmers Organizations within the region. With financial support of the European Union (EU) IFAD acts as technical and administrative managing entity.

FO4LA has covered Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru, together with 15 agricultural organizations participating in value chains such as coffee, quinoa, cocoa and sugar cane, among others.

The project has been especially relevant when the problems historically suffered by small farmer organizations in the region (insecure land tenure, lack of mechanization, ecosystem degradation, price volatility, limited access to quality inputs and support services weak) have been aggravated by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This initiative in the region is aligned with the objectives of the European Union, aimed at promoting and supporting the creation of peasant organizations, as well as improving the productivity of family farms and developing agricultural markets and value chains in partner countries.
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